Issho-Ni Review

Issho-Ni is a chic Japanese restaurant in East London. We ventured to West London last week, so we thought to keep it local this week. Plus, I’ve missed sushi… Read for our considered thoughts and lots of sushi pictures!

First Impressions ~ Dirty Bones Shoreditch

Last Friday our restaurant choice for dinner was Dirty Bones, which is a restaurant serving American inspired cuisine. There are three Dirty Bones restaurants across London, but on Friday we went to the Shoreditch restaurant, which is a couple minutes away from Shoreditch High Street Station. It initially wasn’t our intention to go to the…

Street Feast | Dinerama | Part One

As will be obvious in the title, this will be the first post in a series on Street Feast, which is a mecca for foodies in London, with food trucks, food stalls, and bars, serving a diverse array of spectacular tasting and ingenious food. I imagine the have an eclectic array of drinks too, but…

The Breakfast Club

This past Sunday Shiima and I went for breakfast at the relatively new The Breakfast Club in Hackney Wick – actually, it’s very much in Stratford, the new gentrified Stratford … go ahead and call it “New Stratford”. I came across The Breakfast Club on Instagram, I saw a picture of the pancake and I…


Now, let’s talk about the food. As I mentioned earlier, I love the beef rib, it literally falls off the bone. I was raised eating very seasoned food, so ordinarily that’s my preference, but this beef rib isn’t seasoned that much, it’s just right, and it comes with a mini jug of BBQ sauce on the side. Tastes so good, it’s the best dish here for me.