Chotto Matte Soho Review 2020

Chotto Matte is an awesome Japanese Peruvian fusion restaurant in the heart of Soho. I very rarely use the word “awesome” and just as rarely begin a review so forthrightly, but we love Chotto Matte. We’ve loved Chotto Matte for years, as you can see in our May 2016 Chotto Matte review (our second ever)….

The Ivy Asia Review

The Ivy Asia is a beautiful Pan-Asian restaurant by St Paul’s. It’s the latest from the Ivy Collection, renowned for their elegant restaurants across the UK. The Ivy Asia is the Ivy Collection’s first foray into Asian cuisine, following the likes of Gordon Ramsay with his tremendous Lucky Cat in Mayfair.  The Ivy Asia is…

Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay Review

Lucky Cat is Gordon Ramsay’s opulent Pan-Asian Restaurant in Mayfair. Shiima’s a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay, we really enjoyed our dinner at Maze Grill, and we love Pan-Asian cuisine, so Lucky Cat has been near the top of our list since it opened in the Summer Lucky Cat replaced Maze Grill (now closed) in…

Zuma London Review

Zuma London is an exquisite contemporary Japanese restaurant in Knightsbridge. It is one of the quintessential opulent Japanese restaurants in London, right with Nobu. Read for our considered thoughts and mouthwatering food pictures.

Uni Restaurant Review

Uni is a Japanese Peruvian fusion restaurant in Belgravia. I used to be a sushi fiend, but then I ran out of sushi restaurants on our list and also got somewhat tired of sushi… heresy, I know ☺️. Shiima isn’t a fan of sushi but really enjoys Japanese cuisine and it was her idea to…

Issho-Ni Review

Issho-Ni is a chic Japanese restaurant in East London. We ventured to West London last week, so we thought to keep it local this week. Plus, I’ve missed sushi… Read for our considered thoughts and lots of sushi pictures!

Kaia at The Ned Review

Kaia is an Asian-Pacific restaurant at The Ned, a vibrant hotel in the heart of the City. Asian-Pacific, you ask? Read our review to find out. With lots of mouthwatering food pictures and videos of Kaia and the Ned.

Ichibuns Review

Ichibuns is a very lively Japanese restaurant in Chinatown focused on burgers and udon noodles. For more read our review with loads of mouthwatering pictures and videos.

Sushi Samba – Covent Garden

Sushi Samba (Liverpool Street) is one of our favourites and we were super excited to see it had opened one in Covent Garden. Amen had booked it for a few weeks ago but we had to keep rescheduling because of my changing schedule. Sushi Samba works perfectly for us, Amen loves the sushi and I…

Mei Ume Review

Mei Ume is an elegant restaurant in the Four Seasons that serves both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. I’m a self proclaimed sushi addict, but for a mix of reasons I hadn’t eaten sushi in over a month. I needed to fix that ASAP, and then I came across Mei Ume. The concept of Mei Ume…

Kiru – First Impressions

I love sushi, but we haven’t been to a new Japanese restaurant in months because I have exhausted all the Japanese restaurants around us. All that’s left is West London, which is far! Lol. I’d come across quite a few Japanese restaurants in West London but there was always something missing (most of them just…

Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London 2017

This list is all Amen, because as you might know he is a self-diagnosed sushi fiend, which could’ve been a problem for our relationship because Shiima doesn’t eat fish and detests seaweed lol. But luckily for us, most good Japanese restaurants have adequate to spectacular chicken dishes (check out Shiima’s Top 10 chicken dishes in…