Hoi Polloi Restaurant Review

Hoi Polloi is an English modern brasserie in Ace Hotel Shoreditch. We had brunch at Hoi Polloi last year and loved it, so were keen on dinner at Hoi Polloi. But, for whatever reason, Hoi Polloi languished on our dinner list, until a very good friend wanted to join us for dinner last weekend. Hoi…

January Eats 2020 Video Series

We’re back! Enjoy our first video of 2020 and first in a while from our Monthly Eats Video Series, where we delightfully chat about all the food and restaurants we enjoyed in the month. This is January Eats 2020! 😁 The Restaurants You can also read the full reviews of the restaurants we discussed by following…

Barboun Shoreditch Review

Barboun is a chic Mediterranean restaurant in Shoreditch. I came across Barboun while reading about newly opened restaurants and I was intrigued by the menu. It has a lot of the dishes we’ve enjoyed at other Mediterranean restaurants and many more mouthwatering options. So Barboun moved to the top of our list! First thing you…

Passo Restaurant Review

Passo is a chic Italian restaurant in Shoreditch. Italian cuisine isn’t one of our favourites, but then we really enjoyed our most recent experience in Fucina and adore pizza. So we decided last week to have Italian and I spent almost an hour looking for the perfect spot… Passo in Shoreditch.  Passo was the perfect…

Burger and Beyond Review

Burger and Beyond, as name clearly states, is a burger restaurant in Shoreditch. Burger and Beyond also, as the name states, aspires for more than just a burger joint and it mostly achieves this because as Shiima so eloquently says, “it’s an upscale burger restaurant.” I agree, and now I’m going to tell why, with…

Tramshed Review

Tramshed is a chicken and steak restaurant in the heart of Shoreditch. It’s right in our wheelhouse because we both love chicken and Shiima is quickly becoming a steak lover. Tramshed is in a former East End tram-generator building which explains the name and the aesthetic of restaurant. It’s open and rustic but also stylishly…

Blacklock Shoreditch Review

Blacklock is a chophouse renowned for its relatively cheap top-quality steaks. Enjoy our Blacklock Shoreditch Review, with lots of mouthwatering pictures of meat!

Pachamama East Review

Pachamama East is the Shoreditch home of our favourite Peruvian restaurant. Read for our considered thoughts, lots of mouthwatering pictures, and a video of the chic decor.

Suvlaki Shoreditch Review

Suvlaki is an authentic Greek restaurant that specialises tapas-style Greek street food. We really enjoyed Suvlaki Soho last summer and so were very keen to visit Suvlaki Shoreditch. Enjoy our thoughts and lots of mouthwatering Greek food pictures.

March Eats 2019

March Eats 2019! First, apologies for the delay. Watch us chat about the restaurants we enjoyed (or didn’t) in March, with lots of mouthwatering food pictures and videos.

Oklava Review

Oklava is a modern Turkish restaurant in Shoreditch serving creative Turkish-Cypriot cuisine. Read the review for our considered thoughts and lots of delicious pictures.

Lyle’s London Review

Lyle’s London is a British restaurant with an a la carte lunch menu and set suppers. Last weekend we went for lunch instead of dinner. We haven’t done lunch in a very long time and Amen found Lyle’s with a promising lunch menu as it was “Game week” which meant that I would have a…