Top 10 London Restaurants 2019

We enjoyed over 80 London restaurants this year so picking our top 10 from those was difficult, especially because we got to reminisce about all the delicious food. But it was also a lot of fun for the same reason 😁. Hope you have as much fun reading it!

Burger and Beyond Review

Burger and Beyond, as name clearly states, is a burger restaurant in Shoreditch. Burger and Beyond also, as the name states, aspires for more than just a burger joint and it mostly achieves this because as Shiima so eloquently says, “it’s an upscale burger restaurant.” I agree, and now I’m going to tell why, with…

Ichibuns Review

Ichibuns is a very lively Japanese restaurant in Chinatown focused on burgers and udon noodles. For more read our review with loads of mouthwatering pictures and videos.

First Impressions – MeatLiquor

Last Friday we continued our burger mission at MeatLiquor, an American-styled burger joint in Marylebone – just a short walk from Bond Street station. I love burgers and was really excited when Amen agreed to have them with me lol, and after Chuck Burgers we were both keen for our next burger. Meat Liquor has…

First Impressions – Chuck Burgers

*SADLY, CHUCK BURGERS SPITAFIELDS RESTAURANT HAS CLOSED DOWN* This isn’t entirely a first impressions post, because we’d enjoyed Chuck Burger several times at Street Feast, the heavenly mecca for street food & food trucks in London. But late last year while we were on our way to Hot Box in Spitafield, we came across one…