Le Bab Review

Le Bab is a contemporary kebab restaurant in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street. “Contemporary” doesn’t quite do Le Bab justice, because not only is it a modern take on the beloved kebab, it’s done with creative cooking techniques and seasonal ingredients. More on the food to come, but first… Le Bab is on the top floor…

Blacklock Shoreditch Review

Blacklock is a chophouse renowned for its relatively cheap top-quality steaks. Enjoy our Blacklock Shoreditch Review, with lots of mouthwatering pictures of meat!

Barrica Restaurant Review

Barrica is a relaxed Spanish tapas bar in Fitzrovia. I love tapas… I really do, especially when eating out alone. Read about my solo experience at Barrica, with lots of mouthwatering tapas pictures.

Suvlaki Shoreditch Review

Suvlaki is an authentic Greek restaurant that specialises tapas-style Greek street food. We really enjoyed Suvlaki Soho last summer and so were very keen to visit Suvlaki Shoreditch. Enjoy our thoughts and lots of mouthwatering Greek food pictures.

Fatt Pundit Review

Fatt Pundit is an Indo Chinese restaurant in Soho serving a unique fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisine. We love Indian and Chinese food, so this was the perfect restaurant after about a month off foodie-ing while I completed my law exams.

Baozilnn Review

Baozilnn is a casual authentic Chinese restaurant in Soho serving all day dim sum. Read the review for our thoughts and lots of mouthwatering dim sum pictures.

Whyte & Brown Review

Whyte & Brown is an organic chicken restaurant in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street. It’s not at all your usual “chicken shop”. Read our Whyte & Brown review to know why, plus lots of mouthwatering pictures.

Ichibuns Review

Ichibuns is a very lively Japanese restaurant in Chinatown focused on burgers and udon noodles. For more read our review with loads of mouthwatering pictures and videos.

Talli Joe Review

Talli Joe is an Indian restaurant in Covent Garden that claims to be best Indian restaurant in London. We love Indian food so we were tremendously excited to eat at Talli Joe. You can’t reserve a table of 2, so we rushed over soon as Shiima was done at work. Talli Joe has a very…

Smoking Goat Review

Smoking Goat is a Thai barbecue restaurant in Shoreditch. I’d known about Smoking Goat and it’s sister restaurant, Kiln, for a while and all I heard were good things, but for whatever reason Thai cuisine wasn’t a priority of ours. But then a friend of mine went for dinner and I saw her delicious pictures…

Flesh & Buns Fitzrovia Review

Flesh & Buns is a indulgent Japanese restaurant focused on meat & seafood (flesh) and steamed fluffy bao buns. We absolutely love baos, but we love flesh & buns even more. We are regulars at Flesh & Buns Covent Garden, and it’s one of our favourite London restaurants, so we were so excited to try…

El Pirata of Mayfair Review

El Pirata of Mayfair is an authentic Spanish tapas restaurant. I love authentic Spanish tapas and tapas style restaurants so I was very enthusiastic about dinner at El Pirata of Mayfair. I’m also on the quest to find the best Spanish Tapas in London, and, of less priority, the world… as evidenced by our Foodie Adventures…