About Us

Amen and Shiima, together we review London's best restaurants and love it!
Amen and Shiima

We are married foodies who love to dine at the best restaurants in London and write about it. With a particular focus on finding the perfect London restaurant for dates, whether casual dates, romantic dates, special occasions, or for THE special occasion 💍. 

In all our restaurant reviews, we include useful information such as dress code, how to reserve, price range and food recommendations. 

But as foodies, we don’t ignore all the other restaurants across London that are fit for foodies and attractions for tourists and locals alike, from Michelin starred restaurants to food markets and food trucks. 

We’ve also started a monthly video blog where we discuss all the restaurants we dined at in the past month, so if you prefer watching to reading, we’ve got you covered too! 😁

How it all began?

We love eating good food (sometimes bad but it’s an adventure all the same) and documenting all over our social media and talking all about it with our friends. So much that our friends always ask “Don’t you guys ever eat at home?” – we actually almost named the website that lol. Because of this we always get asked for restaurant recommendations, especially for dates, and we enjoy giving our unique opinion, which we always tailor to the specifics of the person who asks. But then we thought, let’s make a website and help everyone!

What makes us unique?

What makes our adventures all the more intriguing is that we have very different tastes and preferences when it comes to restaurants and food, so choosing a restaurant is the most difficult part, but we always make it work.

About Amen, written by Shiima

Amen enjoys the opulent restaurants. The more Michelin stars and bougie, the better. Because he likes to watch; he’s a writer, that’s his excuse. He’s also a “gym-freak”, and insists on eating all kinds of protein on it own with no sides at all and strictly no rice is allowed, which is a bit weird since he’s a crazed sushi eater with a huge love for fish – raw, cooked, seared all kinds of way! I am not a gym freak! Nooo! I just like going to the gym, it’s nice and quiet in there 🙂

About Shiima, written by Amen

Shiima much prefers casual restaurants and with food, she’s the “extremely picky one”. In regards to proteins, she only eats chicken … you read that right, only chicken, with the occasional foray into beef burgers, and she sure isn’t into experimenting lol. But she loves her rice and her fries (and not the devilishly good sweet potato fries either) :p I’m actually not that picky, I just know what I like and don’t like. Who doesn’t love chips? The proper fat chips and sometimes skinny chips, all kinds actually! Yes babe, its chips not fries on this side of the pond 😉 

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