MBER Restaurant Review

MBER is a tapas style Pan-Asian restaurant by Monument Station in the City. We love tapas style restaurants because we can order even more food than usual (which is a lot 😁), and Pan-Asian food includes some our favourite dishes from our favourite cuisines. So we were well excited to dine at MBER. 

MBER is stylish, with a modern décor and relaxed vibe, but the layout is unusual. The service is friendly, although a bit all over the place. Now, the food

Fish & Seafood

LondonsDiningCouple MBER Restaurant Review
Crispy Sesame Squid

I thought these were basic, but Shiima enjoyed them. She especially liked that it was lightly fried. The mayonnaise was cold though, so it was useless to us. 


LondonsDiningCouple MBER Restaurant Review
Chorizo & Tiger Prawn Siu Mai

I loved these. Every element of the dish was on point, and the spice from the chorizo gave it a wonderfully complex flavour. 

LondonsDiningCouple MBER Restaurant Review
Beef Gyoza

Fantastic. The filling was meaty and rich, and the pastry was scrumptious.

LondonsDiningCouple MBER Restaurant Review
‘Weeping Tiger’ Fillet Steak Medallions

First, the beef was buried underneath an unnecessary amount of salad. Beyond that, the beef was soft but lacked flavour. 

LondonsDiningCouple MBER Restaurant Review
XO Crispy Pork Belly and Seared Scallops

Didn’t enjoy anything about this. The pork belly was cooked well, but I didn’t enjoy the taste, and the scallop was overpowered by the pancetta. 

LondonsDiningCouple MBER Restaurant Review
Grilled Chicken Satay

The chicken was succulent, but the flavour didn’t resemble any other chicken satay we’ve had, especially the sauce. 

LondonsDiningCouple MBER Restaurant Review
Confit Duck Baos

The steamed buns weren’t as fluffy and delicious as we’re used to, and the confit duck was just okay. Disappointing. 

Greens & Legumes

LondonsDiningCouple MBER Restaurant Review
Miso Aubergine

Awesome texture and flavour, and the feta added a creaminess to the dish. 

LondonsDiningCouple MBER Restaurant Review
Quinoa & Feta Samosas

We didn’t like this. The pastry had an odd texture and the filling was bland. 


LondonsDiningCouple MBER Restaurant Review
Crispy White Chocolate Gyoza

I have a sweet tooth and usually enjoy white chocolate, but I didn’t like this. Not the flavourless pastry, and certainly not the white chocolate filling. The marshmallow was unnecessary, and the dark chocolate delice was too sweet. The raspberry sorbet was good though. 


Our experience at MBER was odd. We’re usually all about good food, but we had a good time at MBER even though the food was mostly mediocre. On the plus side, the atmosphere is relaxing and the service is friendly. We recommend for a casual date, and a meal with friends or colleagues. MBER is moderately expensive. 

Cuisine: Pan Asian
Dress Code: Casual
Shiima’s Star Dish: Beef Gyoza
Amen’s Star Dish: Chorizo & Tiger Prawns Siu Mai
Price: £40-50pp
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

1a Pudding Lane,
London EC3R 8AB
Reserve at OpenTable,
Or Call 020 7608 6545

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