Barboun Shoreditch Review

Barboun is a chic Mediterranean restaurant in Shoreditch. I came across Barboun while reading about newly opened restaurants and I was intrigued by the menu. It has a lot of the dishes we’ve enjoyed at other Mediterranean restaurants and many more mouthwatering options. So Barboun moved to the top of our list!

Inside Barboun

First thing you notice when approaching Barboun is how beautiful it is. The lighting is perfect and the space is aptly designed to exude casual elegance. The service was really good. It was friendly and prompt, and they even added an extra table for us because of the amount of food we ordered 😁. Speaking of food…


LondonsDiningCouple Barboun Shoreditch Review
LondonsDiningCouple Barboun Shoreditch Review
Blacked Aubergine
LondonsDiningCouple Barboun Shoreditch Review

The hummus was amazing! But then so was the blackened aubergine. Both were creamy and delicious, but different. Shiima preferred the hummus, and I preferred the aubergine… but it was a close decision in both cases. Both were delicious alone, but even more delicious with the warm pita.

LondonsDiningCouple Barboun Shoreditch Review
Halloumi Saganaki

The halloumi was sweet but not too sweet and it was cooked to the perfect texture. 

Small Plates

LondonsDiningCouple Barboun Shoreditch Review

The prawns were very fresh and each was substantial, but it lacked a defining flavour other than chargrilled. I still really enjoyed it though, from head to tail. 

LondonsDiningCouple Barboun Shoreditch Review

The manti was really good, especially because there was lot of flavour and spice in the sauce. The manti itself was fairly small and we expected more beef in the filling, but when mixed with the sauce… fantastic. 

Big Plates

LondonsDiningCouple Barboun Shoreditch Review
Beef Short Rib

The beef short rib was melt in the mouth soft but it didn’t have much seasoning on its own. The Iskender sauce and especially the garlic yogurt on the pita had a ton of flavour though, but it wasn’t enough. More sauce please. 

LondonsDiningCouple Barboun Shoreditch Review
Baby Chicken

The chicken was good. Really succulent, but with too much za’atar. The charred corn was lovely though, almost exactly how Shiima makes it at home.


LondonsDiningCouple Barboun Shoreditch Review
Date Cake

This is simply a sticky toffee pudding, and a really good one at that. So sweet, rich, and warm, and the vanilla ice cream was ace too! 


We really enjoyed Barboun. It’s beautiful with a relaxed vibe, the service is solid, and the food is special – Shiima, a Middle Eastern, rates it one of the best modern Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food she’s had. We recommend for a casual or relaxed romantic date, meal with friends, colleagues, or family, and for anyone interested in good Mediterranean food. 

Cuisine: Mediterranean
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Shiima’s Star Dish: Hummus/Halloumi
Amen’s Star Dish: Blackened Aubergine/Halloumi
Price: £30-£40pp
Rating: 5 out of 5

61-67 Great Eastern Street
London EC2A 3HU
Book through Resy,
Or call 0203 995 3622

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