Passo Restaurant Review

Passo is a chic Italian restaurant in Shoreditch. Italian cuisine isn’t one of our favourites, but then we really enjoyed our most recent experience in Fucina and adore pizza. So we decided last week to have Italian and I spent almost an hour looking for the perfect spot… Passo in Shoreditch. 

Passo was the perfect spot for us for three reasons. The menu had lots of sharing dishes and intriguing pizza choices; its location in Shoreditch as we’re proud East Londoners; and the really cool pictures of the restaurant on Instagram. Now, the reality.

Inside Passo Shoreditch

The restaurant is just as beautiful as the pictures, and you notice the modern yet rustic vibe even before you step in. The service is very friendly and attentive, but one major drawback for us was that dishes kept coming to the table with no thought of space on the table or break between dishes. But this might just be particular to us because we do order a ton of dishes. Speaking of… 


LondonsDiningCouple Passo Restaurant Review
Chargrilled Honey Aubergine

This was seasoned and cooked perfectly… not sure if it was Italian flavours, but we don’t mind at all because it was just right for us. 

Meat & Fish

LondonsDiningCouple Passo Restaurant Review
Braised Lamb Belly Croquettes

I absolutely loved these because they were packed with delicious braised lamb and the pastry was crunchy and soft. I love croquettes, and these stack up with the very best I’ve enjoyed. 

LondonsDiningCouple Passo Restaurant Review
N’duja and Ricotta Courgette Flower

The n’duja and courgette filling was unique and tasty and the courgette was lightly fried. 

LondonsDiningCouple Passo Restaurant Review
Grilled Beef Onglet

The beef was succulent and artichoke purée incredibly rich. I would’ve preferred the salsa verde spicier but it was spicy enough to give the dish a bit of a spice hit. 


LondonsDiningCouple Passo Restaurant Review
Doppio Raviolo

We both enjoyed this. The pasta itself was tasty with the right texture, the veal reduction was better than we expected, and the rabbit filling was delicious. 

LondonsDiningCouple Passo Restaurant Review

The pappardelle was okay. There was nothing particularly outstanding about any element of dish, but it was enjoyable. 


LondonsDiningCouple Passo Restaurant Review
Torn Burrata

I liked the pizza. Shiima didn’t know it was a white pizza, so was a tad disappointed because she prefers a tomato base. The bresaola was an absolute revelation though, because it was lean, delicious, and not too salty. 


We enjoyed our dinner at Passo. It’s modern but keeps that rustic vibe, the service is friendly, and the food is mostly good. We recommend for casual and romantic dates, certain special occasions, and group meals with friends, family, or colleagues. 

Cuisine: Italian
Dress Code: Casual
Shiima’s Star Dish: Chargrilled Honey Aubergine
Amen’s Star Dish: Braised Lamb Belly Croquettes
Price: £30-£40pp (excluding alcohol)
Rating: 4 out 5

80 City Road, Shoreditch
London EC1Y 2AS
Reserve a table at OpenTable,
Or call 020 3883 9377

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