Burger and Beyond Review

Burger and Beyond, as name clearly states, is a burger restaurant in Shoreditch. Burger and Beyond also, as the name states, aspires for more than just a burger joint and it mostly achieves this because as Shiima so eloquently says, “it’s an upscale burger restaurant.” I agree, and now I’m going to tell why, with pictures too of course. 

Ground Floor at Burger and Beyond

We’ve been fans of Burger and Beyond since their time as a street food vendor (which they still do) and we always loved their rich burgers. The restaurant in Shoreditch seems a long way from a food truck…  the décor is modern and casually stylish, and the atmosphere oozes chill… everything from the music (a ton of cool reggae) and the very friendly service. Now, the food!


For a burger restaurant, the starter options on the menu are atypical and very intriguing, but then it’s Burger and Beyond… “an upscale burger restaurant”. I was really keen on the Pig Cheek but it was sold out. 

LondonsDiningCouple Burger and Beyond Review
Cauliflower Cheese Balls

These were great! Reminiscent of the very best cheese croquettes we’ve enjoyed. The pastry was light and crispy and the cauliflower cheese filling was creamy and delicious. 

LondonsDiningCouple Burger and Beyond Review
Fried Chicken Bites

The fried chicken bites were a tad simple in flavour. They were cooked excellently though for the perfect texture and the secret sauce was decent. 

LondonsDiningCouple Burger and Beyond Review
Crispy Calamari

We weren’t fans of the crispy calamari. It tasted good, but it was a lot more batter than actual calamari. 


LondonsDiningCouple Burger and Beyond Review
Double Bacon Butter Burger

I ordered a double bacon butter burger cooked medium well and it was amazing. The patty was juicy and delicious, the mix of the creamy American cheese and burnt butter mayo made for a rich gooey sauce and the crispy bacon added a salty crispy element. Great burger. 

LondonsDiningCouple Burger and Beyond Review
The Bougie Burg (Double)

Shiima’s The Bougie Burg was excellent as well, although I preferred the mix of the American cheese and burnt butter mayo to this which had American cheese, marrownaise, and steak sauce. Shiima ordered her burger medium, so her patty was more juicy. But it also lacked that crispy salty element as Shiima didn’t add bacon… being haram and all. 

LondonsDiningCouple Burger and Beyond Review
Fries, Bone Marrow Gravy & Cheese

We both really enjoyed this, although Shiima did more than me. The creamy cheese and rich bone marrow gravy was a solid combination that elevated the fries to another level of deliciousness. Our advise is to eat the fries quick though because they do become soggy fairly quick, which is expected.


LondonsDiningCouple Burger and Beyond Review
Deep-fried Caramel Chocolate

We didn’t enjoy the deep fried caramel chocolate.  It was too sweet and too rich, especially after the heavy and equally rich burgers. 

LondonsDiningCouple Burger and Beyond Review
Summer Fruit Cheesecake

The cheesecake was light enough, which made it ideal. The cheese mixture was perfectly sweet and creamy and the burnt butter biscuit crumb was decent. The cherries were a tad sharp though. 


We really enjoyed Burger and Beyond. It’s a casually elegant restaurant, the vibe is relaxed, the service is friendly, and the food is excellent, particularly the burgers. Succinctly, it’s an upscale burger restaurant, and “Shoreditch-cool” too. We recommend for casual dates, and superb burgers with friends or colleagues. Burger and Beyond is moderately priced. 

Cuisine: Burgers
Dress Code: Casual
Shiima’s Star Dish: Cauliflower Cheese Balls
Amen’s Star Dish: Bacon Butter Burger
Price: £20-30pp
Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Burger & Beyond
147 Shoreditch High Street
London E1 6JE
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