Arros QD Review

Arros QD is an elegant Spanish restaurant in Fitzrovia focused on rice – the traditional paella and a contemporary evolution from the mind of chef Quique Dacosta… the “QD” in Arros QD.

I came across Arros QD prior to its launch in May and since then my Instagram account has been bombarded by mouthwatering rice dishes from the restaurant. You see, we love tapas, but then I’m not keen on rice (carbs and all 😂) and most paella dishes we come across have pork in it (Shiima doesn’t do pork 😒😂) so too much rice for me to handle.

Recently, I clicked through Arros QD’s Instagram profile to their menu and was immediately intrigued because the contemporary rice dishes could be made for individual portions. I was in. Shiima though… I really tried to negotiate with her, but then I just had to force her 😁.

Arros QD Ground Floor

Arros QD is beautiful. It’s entirely clear from the moment you step in that a lot of care and attention was put to every detail of the interior design. From the open kitchen with the prominent woodfire stoves, to the elegant dining room, and exquisite bar upstairs. The service was also superb in every regard. Now, the food…


LondonsDiningCouple Arros QD Review
Beef Cheeks, Red Curry Stew, Coriander, Mint, Coconut Foam (behind)

The beef cheeks were delicious. Melt in your mouth soft and the curry stew was rich, although not spicy. I really enjoyed the coconut foam as well.

LondonsDiningCouple Arros QD Review
Fried Red Soft-Shell Crab, Spicy Mayo

The soft shell crab was excellent. The simplest measure is that Shiima devoured it, and she usually don’t like “fishy” dishes. The seasoning of the batter and the crab and spicy mayo were more than enough to elevate the dish beyond “fishy”.


All three skewers were delicious. As you’d expect my favourite was the Iberian pork, which was succulent and well seasoned with mojo verde sauce.


LondonsDiningCouple Arros QD Review
Wood Pigeon Breast, Wild Mushrooms, Rosemary, Porcini Aioli Contemporary Rice

Shiima really enjoyed her wood pigeon breast contemporary rice. The texture of the rice was just right, the rich seasoning was cooked into every grain of rice, and the portion size was perfect… left her wanting more.

LondonsDiningCouple Arros QD Review
Black Squid Ink Rice, Calamari, Artichokes, Dill, Oyster Aioli Contemporary Rice

I loved my black squid ink contemporary rice, and the oyster aioli added another element of richness of the already rich black rice. Unusually, I preferred the artichokes to the calamari but that’s more my taste because I’m a tad tired of calamari. The calamari was still delicious though. Like Shiima’s rice, the portion was perfect. I cleaned the plate and wanted more. But that’s what desserts are for 😊.


LondonsDiningCouple Arros QD Review
Cheesecake, Forest Fruit Syrup, Biscuit Ice Cream, Almond Paper

The cheesecake was fantastic. Before I talk about the cheesecake itself, I need to mention the fruits which were so fresh and sweet. The fruits alone would satiate your sweet tooth. The cheesecake was rich but not too sweet and the biscuit crumb was just amazing. I took some have with my rice pudding…

LondonsDiningCouple Arros QD Review
Rice Pudding Special

My rice pudding was incredibly creamy and indulgent. The caramelised top was a tad too sweet on its own, but complimented the rich pudding excellently.


We loved our dinner at Arros QD. The restaurant is beautiful, the service is superb, and the food, particularly the rice which is their calling card, is delicious. We recommend for a romantic dinner, special occasions for small to large groups (up to 10+), and anyone that enjoys paella. Arros QD is certainly expensive, but hey, treat yourself sometimes.

Cuisine: Spanish (Rice speciality)
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Shiima’s Star Dish: Beef Cheeks, Red Curry Stew
Amen’s Star Dish: Black Squid Ink Rice
Price: Over £50pp
Rating: 5 out of 5

Arros QD
64 Eastcastle Street
London W1W 8NQ
Reserve through SevenRooms,
Or call 0203 883 3525

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