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Pachamama is a trendy Peruvian restaurant & bar in Marylebone and Shoreditch. Pachamama Marylebone is one of our favourite restaurants with one of our favourite dishes – plantain with yucan syrup – so soon as Pachamama East in Shoreditch opened it got on our list. We’ve had brunch at the Shoreditch restaurant (watch the review on our Instagram channel) and went for a late dinner last weekend.

Inside Pachamama Shoreditch

Pachamama East has a similar aesthetic to the Marylebone restaurant, but with a more chic yet relaxed vibe in tune with Shoreditch. The atmosphere was also elevated by the DJ who played a really good selection of contemporary music all night. The service was fairly tardy, but when they did attend to us they were extremely helpful and friendly.

The Food

Pachamama East menu is somewhat different from the Marylebone restaurant, for one thing the plantain with yucan syrup isn’t on there but there are a lot of intriguing dishes.


LondonsDiningCouple Pachamama East Review
Padron Peppers

The padron peppers are all Shiima. She can’t help but order them everywhere 😂. These were lovely though, and very moreish.

LondonsDiningCouple Pachamama East Review
Pork Belly Chicharrones

The pork belly chicharrones are all me. And I love them. Perfectly cooked and not overly tossed in marinade. The best pork belly chicharrones out there.

I really enjoyed the Sichuan fried chicken but Shiima didn’t because she’s not a fan of the tingling sensation from the Sichuan pepper. The chicken itself was very crispy, not overly battered, and simply seasoned. It went really well with the rich and spicy atacama sauce.

LondonsDiningCouple Pachamama East Review
Lamb Anticuchos

The lamb anticuchos were fairly tasteless and frankly unmemorable.

Small Plates

LondonsDiningCouple Pachamama East Review
Sea bass ceviche

The sea bass ceviche is a classic. The sea bass was fresh and succulent, the tiger’s milk had a really nice sour flavour and the crispy nori was a very good touch.

LondonsDiningCouple Pachamama East Review
Caramelised Aubergine

The caramelised aubergine was heavenly. Just wow. It was so full of flavour and fairly meaty too.

Large Plates

LondonsDiningCouple Pachamama East Review
Sweet Spicy Chicken

The sweet spicy chicken was precisely what you’d expect… sweet and spicy fried chicken, but thankfully the fried chicken wasn’t doused in the sauce so I was able to enjoy the flavour of the fried chicken which was elevated by the sauce.

LondonsDiningCouple Pachamama East Review
Lomo Saltado

Shiima ordered the Lomo Saltado! You can’t imagine how excited I am about Shiima growing love of steak. For one thing, I get to eat a variety of mains everywhere we dine because, as expected, I eat a good portion of her food😝. The steak melts in the mouth and the combination of all the ingredients in the stir fry made the skinny fries extremely flavourful as well.


No, we were too full. Maybe next time.


We really enjoyed our late dinner at Pachamama East. The atmosphere was relaxed, the service was good, but it’s all about the food which is mostly excellent. We recommend for a relaxed date, a meal with friends, and anyone interested in top-notch Peruvian food. Pachamama East is moderately priced as well.

Cuisine: Peruvian
Dress Code: Casual
Shiima’s Star Dish: Caramelised Aubergine
Amen’s Star Dish: Sea bass ceviche
Price: £30-£40pp
Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Pachamama East
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Or call 0207 8469 595

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