Suvlaki Shoreditch Review

Suvlaki is an authentic Greek restaurant that specialises tapas-style Greek street food. We really enjoyed Suvlaki Soho last summer and were always keen to go back, but we never quite got to it. Last weekend though, we visited Suvlaki Shoreditch.

Suvlaki Shoreditch is at the top of Brick Lane. It has a very similar aesthetic to the Soho restaurant – cosy yet intricately designed. The Shoreditch restaurant is more spacious though, so there is more chance to exhibit the intricacy.

The Food

The menu is identical to the Soho restaurant, which is just fine for us as we loved everything we ate last time. We essentially ordered the same thing as well, so do read that for our thoughts. What follows it essentially just food porn 😁.

Small Plates

Suvlaki Shoreditch Review
Spinach Samosas
Suvlaki Shoreditch Review
Courgette Fritters
Suvlaki Shoreditch Review
Spicy Prawn croquettes

We didn’t order the spicy prawn croquettes last year because Shiima hadn’t started eating prawns. It was really delicious, particularly the prawn filling which was perfectly spicy. It was certainly the best of the small plates.


Suvlaki Shoreditch Review
Spicy Lamb Chops
Suvlaki Shoreditch Review
Meat Moussaka

I absolutely loved the meat Moussaka. Shiima said it tasted like a shepherd’s pie, which is probably heresy to Greeks, but she wasn’t far off. The mince was rich and creamy and so was the cheesy potato top, and I usually don’t eat potatoes. The aubergine was a tad mild in taste, but I didn’t mind that at all.


Suvlaki Shoreditch Review
Gloucester Old Spot Pork
Suvlaki Shoreditch Review
Mount Olympus Wild Boar
Suvlaki Shoreditch Review
Mini Corn Fed Chicken wrap


As we expected (or hoped) we really enjoyed our dinner at Suvlaki Shoreditch. The food is tremendous, the vibe is very relaxing, and the service is decent. We recommend for a very casual date, an awesome Greek dinner with friends, colleagues or family, or a quick bite before a night out in Shoreditch. It’s also very moderately priced.

Cuisine: Greek
Dress Code: Casual
Shiima’s Star Dish: Spicy Prawn croquettes
Amen’s Star Dish: Meat Moussaka
Price: £20-£30pp
Rating: 5 out of 5

Suvlaki Shoreditch
161 Brick Lane,
London, E1 6SB
Reserve a table at OpenTable

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