Cantina Laredo Review

Cantina Laredo is a vibrant Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden. Cantina Laredo is huge, so forgive our video below which couldn’t take in the entirety of the restaurant from where we sat. The décor and the vibe of the restaurant is modern; and we really enjoyed the contemporary Mexican music.

We dined on a Saturday evening and there were no empty tables. A few groups ahead of us had to be politely sent away because they didn’t have bookings and there were no available tables. Although very busy, the service was flawless. Attentive, prompt, and helpful. Now for the food…

What we ordered

The menu is loaded with all the Mexican cuisine staples, so it took Shiima and I a fair bit of discussion and negotiation to decide. We ordered Habanero Guacamole. Tacos Dorados, Camarones Rebozados, and Chicharron de Calamar from Entradas. Brochetas de Pollo, Rib Eye Tacos, and Pork Belly Tacos from Brochetas & Tacos. Glazed Baby Back Pork Ribs and Lamb Cutlets from Platos Fuertes, with grilled sweet corn side.


This was tremendous. The guacamole had the perfect blend of spice, texture (smooth yet chunky), and flavour; and the tortillas were light and crispy, although a tad salty.


The tacos dorados was the best of the three. The chicken filling was creamy and nice, and the tacos were soft yet crunchy. Neither of us liked the calamari, particularly because it was fairly salty, and the prawn Tempura was no different from what you get in an okay Japanese restaurant.

Brochetas & Tacos

The pork belly tacos were delicious. The filling was very well balanced with crunch from the crispy skin and flavour, and I added a bit more kick to it with the habanero spicy sauce that came with the guacamole.

The rib eye tacos were Shiima’s but the beef was too chewy for her, and a bit on the chewy side for me 😂. Beyond that, it was decent. Could’ve been better.

We didn’t enjoy the chicken skewers. Looked good, but tasted fairly bland.

Platos Fuertes

At this point, our waitress, Sonia, showed her brilliance because she informed us she hadn’t yet ordered the large dishes and was waiting for us to confirm after eating the smaller dishes. This was a godsend as Shiima was stuffed and didn’t want her lamb cutlets and grilled corn side anymore. I still wanted my pork belly ribs though 😁.

The ribs were incredibly succulent, but also really salty. I liked the fact that the ribs weren’t overpowered with glaze, which allowed you to enjoy the flavour of the ribs mixed with the subtle glaze, but the salt… really dampened my enjoyment of the ribs.


We ordered the brownie to share, as we’re never too stuffed for a dessert or two.

The brownie was beautifully presented. It was really gooey and rich with chocolate, but it was also full of pecans and walnuts which Shiima isn’t a fan of. I enjoy nuts, but I would’ve preferred them a little more roasted or toasted for the crunch.


Cantina Laredo is a fun Mexican restaurant with superb service, decent food, and a modern active vibe. We recommend for group dinners with friends (a few groups on a hen do), family, or colleagues. It’s also ideal for a casual date, and some decent Mexican food before you set off on a night out. Cantina Laredo is moderately expensive, so do consider that as well.

Cuisine: Mexican
Dress Code: Casual
Shiima & Amen’s Star Dish: Habanero Guacamole
Price: £30-40pp
Rating: 3.6 out of 5

Cantina Laredo
10 Upper St Martin’s Lane,
London, WC2H 9FB
Reserve through OpenTable
Or call 0207 420 0630

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