Bread Street Kitchen – First Impressions

Bread Street Kitchen has been on our list for months since we went to Maze Grill Mayfair, which is another of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. We enjoyed Maze Grill so much we added all of Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurants to our list.

Bread Street Kitchen is a vibrant restaurant prominently located in One New Change in St Pauls, which is a rather beautiful location. Bread Street Kitchen oozes relaxed class and the space has a stylish warehouse vibe. It’s a large restaurant as well, which was even more evident because, although the restaurant was busy, there were a lot of empty tables when we got there. This was a Saturday at 7PM though and the restaurant is in the City, so this is somewhat expected.

Bread Street Kitchen serves cuisine with inspiration from all over the world, so regardless of your preference you ought to find a few dishes on the menu that intrigue you.


What we ordered

We ordered the bread basket, tamarind spiced chicken wings, baked scallops, and potted salt beef brisket for starters. For mains, Shiima ordered BBQ poussin and I ordered slow-cooked pork belly. We ordered macaroni cheese and handcut chips (Shiima!) for sides.


Review of the Food


The bread basket was awesome. We adore freshly baked bread anyway, but this was even more delicious with creamy room-temperature butter. We didn’t like the tamarind spiced chicken wings. The wings were rich with tamarind spice but that was the problem because we didn’t really like the flavour, and that’s not because we don’t like tamarind… we usually do.

The potted salt beef brisket and baked scallops were all mine. The potted salt beef brisket was tossed in grain mustard and served with delicious sour piccalilli and buckwheat crackers. It was good, but nothing compared to the baked scallops. It was the best scallop dish I’ve ever eaten. Simply, it was great, and that’s because of the combination of the blood orange sauce and crispy sea vegetables.


My slow roasted pork belly was good, but I’ve had much better pork belly dishes. I think it’s because this pork belly wasn’t marinated or seasoned, so you are just left with the taste of slow cooked pork belly, which is delicious, but I much prefer it seasoned or marinated. The skin was fatty and delicious though… the best part of the dish. I didn’t like the spiced apple puree at all.

Shiima’s BBQ poussin was really delicious and it had a good kick to it. The chicken was utterly succulent and the roasted sweet corn chimichurri was an excellent compliment to the chicken.

Both mains were elevated by the incredible the macaroni cheese with garlic roasted crumbs. It was heavenly… so creamy and delicious. We absolutely devoured it. I didn’t touch the handcut chips and Shiima only had a couple. She didn’t enjoy them because they were too chunky… not to her liking at all.


We couldn’t wait for desserts because of how much we loved the cheesecake at Maze Grill. We excitedly ordered the Monkey Shoulder cranachan cheesecake with mulled berries and sticky toffee pudding, banana caramel, and clotted cream.

In our excitement we weren’t paying attention to the name of the cheesecake, because Monkey Shoulder is whiskey and we do not drink alcohol. I had a couple mouthfuls before I realised it tasted odd and I Googled cranachan, which it turns out is a whiskey based dessert and then I remembered that Monkey Shoulder is a whiskey brand. We just put the cheesecake aside and both enjoyed the sticky toffee pudding, which was delicious and warm.



We enjoyed our experience at Bread Street Kitchen… it has a neat fine dining yet vibrant atmosphere, the staff was very friendly, and the food was good. I recommend for dates, both casual and romantic, and there is a very beautiful bar so you can enjoy a few drinks before or after your meal. I also recommend for family dinners and large groups of friends or colleagues. It’s moderately expensive as well.

Cuisine: Contemporary International
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Shiima’s Star Dish: Macaroni Cheese with garlic roasted crumbs
Amen’s Star Dish: Baked Scallops, blood orange, and crispy sea vegetables
Price: £40-£50pp (excluding alcohol)
Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Bread Street Kitchen
10 Bread Street
London EC4M 9AJ
Book at OpenTable
or call 020 3030 4050

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