Top 10 Restaurants in London 2017

Over the past few days we have written about our Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London, Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London, Top 10 Dishes in London, Top 10 Desserts in London, and now we finish with our Top 10 Restaurants in London. In 2017, we reviewed 49 London restaurants and ate at many more – at a rate of at least two a week. Oh yes, we love food … we love restaurants … and we love London!

Before we begin the list we first must mention Street Feast, which isn’t a restaurant but is certainly one of our favourite places to eat because it’s a mecca for the very best street food vendors in London and it’s where Amen proposed to Shiima on a Born & Raised pizza 🙂 If you haven’t been, please do go, I promise you’d love it. Read our Street Feast Dinerama & Hawker House Reviews for more. But do consider the trader line-up in the locations is always in flux so visit their website for the current line-up.

Also, as you might know Amen goes out to eat alone quite often, we call it his Solo Excursions. It kind of works out for us because Shiima doesn’t eat fish or pork and rarely eats beef, but Amen eats EVERYTHING! So when there are restaurants that don’t have anything on the menu that Shiima can eat (most sushi restaurants) Amen goes and has a wonderful time.

Of those solo excursions, Dinings Marylebone is by far his favourite. Dinings is an incredible Japanese tapas restaurants, in others word SUSHI at its finest. For more, read Amen’s Dinings Marylebone Review.

Dinings Marylebone Review | Top 10 Restaurants in London 2017
3 Pieces Double Crab Roll

The list


Tamarind Kitchen

LondonsDiningCouple Tamarind Kitchen Review | Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London | Top 10 Restaurants in London 2017
Murgh Masaledar

Tamarind Kitchen is a lovely Indian Restaurant in Soho. It’s the sister restaurant of Michelin starred Tamarind Mayfair, so expect excellent tasting food in a more relaxed, although equally beautiful, setting. We recommend Murgh Masaledar. Read our Tamarind Kitchen Review for more.



Yauatcha Soho

Top 10 Dishes in London | Top 10 Restaurants in London 2017
Scallop Shumai – Yauatcha

Yauatcha Soho is a Michelin starred Chinese restaurant with a focus on exquisite dim sum. Yauatcha also has a restaurant in the City, but we’ve never been. We absolutely recommend the Scallop Shumai. Read our Yauatcha Soho Review for more.



Nobu Berkeley Street

LondonsDiningCouple Nobu Berkeley Street Review | Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London |
Chicken Kushiyaki

Nobu is a lavish Japanese and Peruvian fusion (Nikkei) restaurant located in Berkeley Street and Old Park Lane in Mayfair, and in Shoreditch. We’ve been to the Shoreditch and Berkeley Street restaurants, and the Berkeley Street restaurant is by far our favourite. We recommend the Chicken Kushiyaki. Read our Nobu Berkeley Street Review for more.



Chotto Matte

Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London | Top 10 Restaurants in London 2017
Pollo Nippon – Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte in Soho is also a Nikkei restaurant, but with a bit more edgy vibe and a more extensive menu, especially for us because they have a good number of delicious chicken dishes. In fact, every dish we’ve tried has been excellent, and we’ve tried almost all of them. We recommend Pollo Nippon. Read our Chotto Matte Review for more.



Sasa Sushi

LondonsDiningCouple Sasa Sushi Review | Top 10 Restaurants in London 2017
Jumbo Roll; Dragon Eye Roll; Salmon Nigiri; Crunchy Tuna Roll

We love this family run Japanese restaurant in Angel. It’s the first place Shiima bravely tried sushi, and although she couldn’t eat it, it was all the evidence Amen needed that was a keeper lol. We recommend the Crunchy Tuna Roll. Read our Sasa Sushi Review for more.



Flesh & Buns

Flesh & Buns is a Japanese restaurant in Covent Garden with a focus on buns … steamed fluffy buns that you fill yourself with your choice of flesh – cooked meat that is. It has a really chilled vibe as well. We recommend the spatchcock chicken and the buns! Lots of buns! Read our Flesh & Buns Review for more.




LondonsDiningCouple Gymkhana Restaurant Review | Top 10 Dishes in London | Top 10 Restaurants in London 2017
Aloo Tikki Chat

Gymkhana is an opulent Michelin starred Indian restaurant in Mayfair. The food is delicious and we’re all about taste. Plus, the “spicy” food is spicy! We recommend the Aloo Tikki Chat. Read our Gymkhana Review for more.



Sushi Samba

Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London | Top 10 Restaurants in London 2017
Tiger Maki – Sushi Samba

Sushi Samba is an amazing fusion of Brazilian, Peruvian, and Japanese cuisines. It’s located on the 39th floor of the Heron Tower in the City, so expect beautiful views with your delicious food. I have to add that it’s hard to get a reservation and it is expensive, so plan ahead. We recommend the Tiger Maki Roll. Read our Sushi Samba Review for more.




Barrafina is Amen’s favourite restaurant. It’s a Michelin starred Spanish tapas restaurant with the most ingenious and delicious dishes. There are three restaurants located fairly close to each other in Soho and Covent Garden, and all three of them have somewhat unique menus. The layout is also almost identical in all three, with bar seating around an open kitchen. I highly recommend any croquettes on the menu and Courgette flower. Read Amen’s Barrafina Adelaide Street, Drury Lane, and Dean Street Reviews to know more.



Novikov Asian

Novikov Asian is an extravagant Pan Asian restaurant in Mayfair, with a focus on Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Novikov Asian embraces its opulence, so you ought to know what to expect, but the food is delicious and that’s most important to us. Also, being Pan Asian there is a very good selection of dishes on the menu with sushi, dimsum, wok and charcoal grill dishes. Novikov also houses an Italian restaurant, which we’ve dined at. It’s good, but we aren’t really big on Italian cuisine. We’re big on Pizzas though lol. We recommend the sweet and sour chicken and Kimchi Fried Rice. Read our Novikov Asian Review for more.


Thank you all for supporting us through a wonderful and delicious year. Here’s to more excellent food and restaurant in 2018.

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