Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London 2017

This list is all Amen, because as you might know he is a self-diagnosed sushi fiend, which could’ve been a problem for our relationship because Shiima doesn’t eat fish and detests seaweed lol. But luckily for us, most good Japanese restaurants have adequate to spectacular chicken dishes (check out Shiima’s Top 10 chicken dishes in London 2017) and when they do not, he goes to dine alone … cos he loves sushi that much … and because he’s a loser like that 😆 . Here’s the list of the best sushi dishes he’s enjoyed in 2017.

Before I begin, I must point out two dishes that ordinarily would’ve made the list, but are no longer on their restaurant’s menu.

Prawn Bonito Carpaccio – Barrafina Adelaide Street

LondonsDiningCouple Barrafina Adelaide Street Review | Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London
Prawn and Bonito Carpaccio

Aburi Samon Tartare – Sake No Hana

LondonsDining Couple Sake No Hana Review | Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London
Aburi Salmon Tartare

The List


Seared O-toro Nigiri – Novikov

LondonsDiningCouple Novikov Asian Review | Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London
Seared O-toro Nigiri

I’m a huge fan of seared nigiri and Novikov’s fatty tuna (o-toro) nigiri is excellent. Fatty tuna by itself is a tasty rich fish, but after it’s seared (in front of you) and the miso butter melts all over, it becomes even more delicious. Read more about Novikov Asian.


El Topo – Sushi Samba

LondonsDiningCouple Sushi Samba London Review | Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London
El Topo

This might be cheating because this maki roll is topped with melted mozzarella and jalapeño. A cheesy and spicy salmon maki roll? How can it not be amazing! Read more about Sushi Samba.


Popcorn Shrimp Tempura Roll – Dinings Marylebone

Dinings Marylebone Review | Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London
Popcorn Shrimp Tempura Roll

Dinings for lovers of sushi is a must. Every dish I had in Dinings was in contention to make the list, but this shrimp tempura roll was the best maki roll I had. It’s served on a bed of cucumber and with spicy sesame & sweet soy sauce. Awesome combination. Read more about Dinings Marylebone.


Aburi Sushi Chef Special – Dozo

Shiima found Dozo and I love the restaurant. It’s the first place I ever had seared (aburi) sushi and for a while Shiima and I went back there every other week for this dish. You have several options for aburi sushi and all of them are delicious, but I particularly recommend the scallops, salmon, and otoro. Read more about Dozo Sushi.


Wagyu Nigiri – Dinings/Sakagura/Aqua Kyoto

This is new. For years I avoided raw beef until I decided to take the plunge at Aqua Kyoto because the table beside me ordered it and it looked utterly beautiful. It tastes utterly beautiful as well … so succulent and moreish. I haven’t had a bad one yet and I order it everywhere, but these three are the best. Dinings do a few, but I prefer the Wagyu nigiri with sea salt. The others are a bit highfalutin with foie-gras and truffles. Sea salt is fine with me 🙂. Read more about Sakagura.


Cobia Sashimi – M Threadneedle Street

LondonsDiningCouple M Threadneedle Street | Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London
Cobia Peanut Sashimi

Now this is the best sashimi I’ve ever had, and it’s the first time I’ve ever had cobia, which is a very meaty white fish. Also, the peanut snow in this dish is a revelation … bloody delicious! Read more about M Threadneedle Street.


Crunchy Tuna – Sasa Sushi

LondonsDiningCouple Sasa Sushi Review | Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London
Salmon Nigiri; Tuna Nigiri; Crunchy Tuna Roll

Sasa Sushi has been my favourite sushi restaurant from day 1. And my favourite maki rolls have changed over the years, from jumbo roll (no cream cheese lol) to Dragon Eye, to Fantasy Roll. But my current favourite is Crunchy Tuna, which has seared tuna on top of a maki roll filled with salmon and avocado. Divine! Read more about Sasa Sushi.


Eel Nigiri – Chai Wu/Sakagura/Aqua Kyoto/Dinings/Sasa Sushi

I love Eel nigiri. Damn, I love it. I think I just love eel because I really enjoy eel sashimi as well. But for those with a weak belly, fear not, as the eel is never raw and it’s mostly always marinated in a sweet eel sauce. Unlike the wagyu nigiri, I have had some bad ones, but it’s perfect at these restaurants. Read more about Chai Wu.


Tiger Maki – Sushi Samba

This is a magnificent combination of prawn, both raw and tempura, with crabmeat, wasabi mayo and beetroot yoghurt … yes, beetroot yoghurt. Although somewhat grandiose, it’s simply the best prawn tempura dish ever.


Salmon Roll topped with Lobster & Miso Bisque – Aqua Kyoto

Top 10 Sushi Dishes in London
Salmon Roll topped with Lobster & Miso bisque

This roll is incredible and it’s all about the mousse-like lobster and miso bisque. You have to try it. It’s the best!

Hope you enjoy the list, we did say the next list after Shiima’s Top 10 chicken dishes would be our favourite dishes, but Amen got carried away with sushi. Next list would definitely be our favourite dishes 🙂

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