Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London 2017

This year, we’ve reviewed close to 50 restaurants (49 to be exact) and have eaten at many more than those 49, and we think this a fair sample size to write shortlists to end a really good year for us. Over the coming weeks, we’d write a few lists, which will culminate in our top 10 restaurants of 2017.

First list is Shiima’s. If you know us or you’ve read more than a couple posts, you’ll know Shiima only eats chicken (She’s Muslim, so doesn’t eat pork; isn’t really big on fish; and doesn’t like beef, unless well-done in a burger 😆 ). This ought to make her a chicken aficionado (Amen’s words, not hers 😝). So here is a list of the top ten chicken dishes she’s eaten this year.


White Men Can’t Jerk – Jerk Chicken Thighs

Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London
Jerk Chicken Thighs – White Men Cant Jerk

If this was Amen’s list, these special jerk skewers will be much further up the list, but Shiima isn’t as into heat as Amen is. Either way, this is best jerk chicken we’ve ever eaten. White Men Can’t Jerk is a street food vendor that can be found across London. Visit their site to know where to find them, and also you can read more of what we thought in our Street Feast Hawker House review.


Chotto Matte – Pollo Nippon

Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London
Pollo Nippon – Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte has an excellent variety of chicken dishes, but this teriyaki chicken dish is Shiima’s favourite at Chotto Matte. The chicken thighs are juicy and the teriyaki isn’t too sweet. Good portion size too. Read more about the dish in our Chotto Matte review.


Tamarind Kitchen – Murgh Masaledar

LondonsDiningCouple Tamarind Kitchen Review |
Murgh Masaledar

Murgh Masaledar is an excellent chicken curry, where every bit of the succulent chicken is infused with the flavour of the delicious and spicy curry. Read more about the dish in our Tamarind Kitchen review.


Hotbox – Honeyed Chicken Wings

Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London
Honeyed Chicken Wings – Hotbox

These were a very recent addition to the list. We went to Hotbox Friday and these wings are on their new Christmas menu. It’s lovely. It is sweet, but don’t let the name fool you because it’s also spicy. The only negative was that it wasn’t enough. We wanted more! Read about Hotbox is our very first review. And if you have the chance, certainly go try the new menu. It’s really good!


Yauatcha – Thai style Chicken

LondonsDiningCouple Yauatcha Soho Review | Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London
Thai Style Chicken with onion, mango, papaya, chilli and coriander

Yauatcha is one of Shiima’s favourite restaurants, and this dish has a lot to do with it. Again, it’s sweet but not too sweet especially because it’s natural sugars from mango and papaya. There’s also a good amount of spice from the chilli and onions. Read more about the dish in our Yauatcha Soho Review.


Tamarind Kitchen – Tandoor-grilled Chicken

LondonsDiningCouple Tamarind Kitchen Review | Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London
Trio of Chicken Kababs – [L-R Tandoor-grilled; Kashmiri chilli; ground spice]
Tamarind Kitchen makes another appearance with this glorious kabab. You might think this is some recency bias because Tamarind Kitchen is our last restaurant review, but it’s not. We’ve been talking about the dish since we had it and cant wait to go back to Tamarind Kitchen especially for this dish.


Sasa Sushi – Chicken Yakitori

Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London
Chicken Teriyaki – Sasa Sushi

The dish that preserved our relationship lol. Sasa Sushi is one of Amen’s favourite restaurants, if not his favourite. But it’s a sushi restaurant, and Shiima doesn’t eat fish. But then it turns out Sasa Sushi also does this great chicken teriyaki that Shiima loved. And so all was right in the world and we are now married and living happily ever after. Ha!!! 😁 Read more about the dish in our Sasa Sushi review.


Nobu – Chicken Kushiyaki

LondonsDiningCouple Nobu Berkeley Street Review |
Chicken Kushiyaki

You already ought to know that Nobu is an excellent restaurant. But what you might not know is that they do one of the best spicy chicken skewers ever. It’s incredibly moreish and the balance of spice is perfection. Read more about the dish in our review of Nobu Berkeley Street.


Novikov – Sweet and Sour Chicken

LondonsDiningCouple Novikov Asian Review | Top 10 Chicken Dishes in London
Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings

The first time you taste this sweet and sour chicken, your mind will be blown, especially if like us, you have certain expectations for sweet and sour from ordering the dish from your local Chinese takeaway. This sweet and sour chicken gets the balance of sweet and sour perfectly and it isn’t heavy at all. I admit this is a weird word to use in context of food, but this tastes rather smooth.


Patty & Bun – ‘Winger Winger Chicken Dinner’

Shiima’s favourite chicken dish comes from a restaurant we haven’t written about, because it’s a burger restaurant and Amen avoids burgers at all cost (cos of the bread 😂). But he loves these BBQ rich smoked confit chicken wings almost as much as Shiima does.

Hope you enjoy, next list will be London’s Dining Couple’s favourite dishes. Let’s see how many of these make the list 🙂

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