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Last Sunday we made a last minute dinner reservation to celebrate Eid – we hope all that celebrate Eid had a lovely day! I booked Sexy Fish a couple days before and they were quite a few available times, so despite what everyone says that its quite difficult to get a booking, its not always the case. After spending time with family we headed to Sexy Fish in Mayfair, Berkeley Square for 8:30pm. We get to Sexy Fish, which is a huge restaurant on the corner of Berkeley Square, and the doorman smiles as he opens the door for us. Inside, the music is loud and the restaurant is busier than the last time we were there. The maitre d’s are friendly as they check us in, and on of them shows us to our table with the cocktail menu, which is in a magazine – I thought that was pretty cool.

The restaurants décor is interesting, with water flowing down the windows and a huge crocodile, a huge fish and a huge shark made of stone up on the walls. The restaurant just oozes wealth and I remember the first time coming here I hated it as I felt out of place and awkward but this visit was different; the crowd was different. This time the crowd was much younger. However, it still had the “Look at me, I’m rich” vibe. I also hated that I had to shout across the table to have a conversation with Amen since the music was way too loud. It really felt more like a club than a restaurant.

What we ordered

Our really friendly waiter comes over to take our order; we go for A La Carte. I started first and ordered the salt and pepper squid, crispy soft shell crab, chicken wings and whole baby chicken yakitori with grilled sweet potato.

Review of the food

The salt and pepper squid was my favourite dish; it was tasty but could’ve done with a little bit of spice. The soft shell crab was my worst but only because I don’t eat fish and this was just too much for me, it looked like a crab and was chewy. Yes, I tried it, Amen forced me :(. But he enjoyed the crab. Everything else was nice but nothing special. Amen had the Smoked eel nigiri, which wasn’t good. The Kimchi marinated octopus was the best thing he had, it had good flavour and was well cooked. The maple-glazed pork belly took a while to come but when it did, he hated it. The gochujang and miso lamb cutlets were cooked well, just bland and the portion was too small.


We saw a friend of Amen who works at the restaurant, he was kind of enough to offer us free drinks but we don’t drink, so that didn’t work. But without us knowing he had ordered a selection of desserts for us, which our waiter told us would take 10 minutes to come. We were really thankful and enjoyed the desserts, Amen more than I – but he had been looking forward to dessert the whole day.

The platter had Rhubarb & Vanilla custard Hot crumble, Caramelised pineapple & coconut cake, four chocolate and praline fondant, seasonal fresh fruit and sorbet. I happily enjoyed the fondant and the fresh fruit, had a couple spoonful of the others. Amen really enjoyed everything but teased me for having the fruit, lol. The fruit was really fresh though. Although, I really appreciate the kind gesture, I was really looking forward to having the Vanilla Cheesecake and from memory it was amazing but we would just have to go to Sexy Fish again. Soon. Lol.


Sexy Fish is one of those outrageous restaurants. You probably only go for the experience or just to say you’ve been to sexy fish because the food is not the best and it is pricey. Our opinion of all the dishes is that they lacked spice and heat, which would’ve made them a lot better. However, if you want to treat someone or yourself to a fancy dinner then give Sexy Fish a go. And if you like loud music while you eat then its perfect for you. Some people may not like the décor of the restaurant but I liked it, I thought it was different and cool, but I do agree with the reviews that Sexy Fish is an odd name for a restaurant. But hey, they had to call it something.

Cuisine: Asian
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Amen Star Dish: Dessert platter
Shiima Star Dish: Salt and pepper squid this time, (but really the vanilla cheesecake)
Price: £60 each – excluding alcohol and dessert
Rating: 3 out of 5

Sexy Fish
Berkeley Square House
Berkeley Square
020 3764 2000
Book online, Opentable or call them.

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