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Dinings is a special Japanese tapas restaurant with locations in Marylebone, SW3, and Tel Aviv, with the restaurant on Harcourt Street in Marylebone being the original and “flagship” restaurant. To dine at Dinings is an experience that all lovers of sushi must try at least one. Every single dish I had was so really good – incredibly delicious and beautiful – that I won’t bother with my usual writing style, where in I attempt to describe the taste of each dish Shiima and I (or just me in relation to Solo Excursions) ate. Simply put, and I’m pretty much repeating myself, every dish was great. This blog is almost entirely going to be a gallery of superb Japanese cuisine from Dinings Marylebone.

Before I begin with the gallery, I had so much to eat and I can’t remember the name of all the dishes, but I will do my best in labelling the pictures. Also, there isn’t a menu on the website, which goes to show you how confident they are about their food (smug folk, eh? 😄)

LondonsDiningCouple Dinings Marylebone Review
Wagyu Tar Tar Chip; Salmon Tar Tar Chip
LondonsDiningCouple Dinings Marylebone Review
Dinings Style Appetiser 4 ways (Salmon, Prawn Tempura, not sure about the other two lol)
LondonsDiningCouple Dinings Marylebone Review
Shimofurir with Ginger and Chives
LondonsDiningCouple Dinings Marylebone Review
Grilled Chilli Garlic Black Cod
LondonsDiningCouple Dinings Marylebone Review
From the top: Japanese Wagyu beef sushi with Foie Gras; Eel – Uzaku Style sushi; Japanese Wagyu Beef sushi with Sea Salt; Salmon belly with Nikkei Salsa sushi
LondonsDiningCouple Dinings Marylebone Review
3 Pieces Double Crab Roll
LondonsDiningCouple Dinings Marylebone Review
Popcorn Shrimp Tempura Roll
LondonsDiningCouple Dinings Marylebone Review
6 Pieces Eel and Foie Gras Roll
LondonsDiningCouple Dinings Marylebone Review
From the top: Seared Razor Clam with Onion Pepper Salsa; Half seared O-toro Zuke Style Sushi; Eel Sushi

To finish, I must add that Dinings is a rather small cosy restaurant. I was solo, so I was at sushi bar on the ground level just by the entrance. The bar sat five or six people, and it was a joy being at the bar watching the excellent and pleasant chefs do their work. There is more seating downstairs, but not much more. So certainly do reserve a spot before you visit. The waitresses were a joy, really friendly and prompt. All in all, and needless to say, I had a blast at Dinings. It was sushi heaven for me, and I had to scold myself to stop ordering more food. Plus, Dinings is expensive lol. At least, if you plan to go all out like I did. I recommend highly for sushi lovers and foodies.

Cuisine: Japanese
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Price: £45 each (excluding alcohol)
Ratings: 5 out of 5

Dinings Marylebone
22 Harcourt Street,
Marylebone, London W1H 4HH
To Reserve a table, Call 020 7723 0666
or on their website

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