First Impressions – MeatLiquor

Last Friday we continued our burger mission at MeatLiquor, an American-styled burger joint in Marylebone – just a short walk from Bond Street station. I love burgers and was really excited when Amen agreed to have them with me lol, and after Chuck Burgers we were both keen for our next burger. Meat Liquor has several restaurants with slightly different names; we’ve been to Meat Mission in Shoreditch a couple of times and we enjoyed it, and after all the buzz about meat liquor we were even more excited.

MeatLiquor is on the corner of Welbeck Street, the exterior is blacked out and from the outside it looks like the restaurant will be big inside. That, and also because there wasn’t a queue out the door, I expected, or maybe was hoping, that we’ll get a table fast (the restaurant doesn’t take reservations). The dark theme continues inside as there is little lighting – just a red hue. I was not a fan, it felt like a dingy club.

The door staff lets us know that there was in fact a queue. He told us the waiting time was 30 minutes and he took Amen’s name. We waited at the rather busy and stuffy bar, which only made the restaurant feel more like a dingy club. I thought they didn’t use the space efficiently. Because if they would have more tables and less of a queue if the bar was placed against the wall and not bang in the middle. Later we found out Amen’s name was spelt wrongly as the waitress kept calling out for “Anoud” when our table was ready.

We were told that the table was only available for an hour and half since they had a booking for the table. I thought you couldn’t book, but whatever, an hour and half was enough for us so we agreed. Our table was in a corner of the restaurant closer to the kitchen, this is where I noticed the PVC strip butcher curtains covered in red paint. Although, I don’t like the butchers I did think it was a nice touch to the ‘MEAT’ theme.

What we ordered

We had a quick look through the menu and decided what we were going to have really quickly, except I was stuck on which fries to have. Our waiter came over and took our order. I had the Green Chili Cheeseburger – well done, Cajun Fries and Deep-fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Amen had the Dead Hippie Burger and Buffalo Wings. After our waiter took our order, I saw written on the black walls that they serve milkshakes. I probably would have noticed earlier if the restaurant weren’t so dark, so I ordered the chocolate milkshake.

Review of the food

Our food did take a while to come. Because we noticed that people who had ordered after us had their food way before us. Even my milkshake took a while. When the food arrived my fries and milkshake were missing. I pointed this out and my fries came soon after. But the milkshake took slightly longer and the waiter had to chase it up. When he brought it over he said that the bar was busy with cocktail making and apologised. I did think this was a poor explanation but I didn’t mind too much.

My burger was okay, nothing special and definitely not spicy at all. I don’t even like spice so I would have noticed if there was an ounce of spice. The Cajun fries were overly covered in Cajun and I tried to have them with the dips they gave and it wasn’t nice, but good ol’ ketchup was there to save the night lol. The deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese was tasty but too filling so I didn’t have much of it. Amen thought his burger was average, but the dead hippie sauce was the best part of it as it made it easier to eat the double beef patty. The wings were basic for Buffalo wings; I had one too and thought the buffalo sauce was too much. Oh, and the milkshake was very standard and was not worth the wait at all.


Overall, we both did not understand the hype of Meat Liquor and we both agreed that one visit was more than enough.

Dress Code: Casual
Cuisine: American Burgers & beer
Shiima’s Star Dish: Deep fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Price: £40
Rating: 2.5 out of 5


74 Welbeck Street
London W1G 0BA
0207 224 4239

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