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This isn’t entirely a first impressions post, because we’d enjoyed Chuck Burger several times at Street Feast, the heavenly mecca for street food & food trucks in London. But late last year while we were on our way to Hot Box in Spitafield, we came across one of their two restaurants, which is less than a minute walk from Aldgate East station. Chuck Burger, like the name makes clear, is simply a burger joint, and a good hearty burger joint at that.

Last weekend, after a rather tough (intentional on my part to get ready for the burger 😂; and Shiima is just vain! Ha! 😝) gym session, Shiima and I went straight to Chuck Burger. We got there about 18:30, and the fairly sized room wasn’t that busy … YET. We were quickly seated by a waitress and handed menus, and because the room is kinda cosy, we could see the rather jolly chefs working away in the open kitchen. The restaurant has a cool rustic feel, and a generally friendly vibe.

What We Ordered

The menu isn’t extensive, it’s focused on what you’re there for – BURGERS. But there are a variety of Burgers options from the standard Beef Patty, to Chicken (fried & grilled) to Veggie. Also there is a good selection of extras. I chose the Devil Bacon Burger with a side of Korean Hot Wings, and Shiima chose The Jamerican burger with skin on fries and mac & cheese balls.

Review of the Food

Amen’s food

My Devil Bacon Burger was really delicious. I like my beef patty well done, but it was still succulent, and the combination of fried onions, spicy jalapeno, and crispy bacon was perfect. I really enjoyed the burger, it’s the best burger I’ve had in a while (to be fair, I very rarely eat burgers lol). The Korean Hot Wings were rather nice too, the wings are fried and then tossed in the sweet, but not overly sweet, and spicy, but not too spicy, Korean glaze. It was a good accompaniment to my burger, Shiima like it as well.

Shiima’s Food

Shiima’s Jamerican burger is simply Jerk marinated chicken thighs, with jerk mayo, and a pineapple … yes, a slice of pineapple lol. Shiima quickly removed the pineapple and cut the burger into two equally sized halves – as she does, makes it easier to handle I suppose lol. She enjoyed the burger, and I had a couple bites as well. I did like it too, but I felt the chicken could’ve been a lot more “Jerk”, in that it wasn’t as spicy as I’d expected and wasn’t reminiscent of the jerk dishes I’d had. She loved the mac & cheese balls though … inside the little fried balls, the cheese was perfectly melted and the macaroni perfectly cooked. Her skin on fries were standard, as good a skinny skin on fries can be really, if you enjoy fries, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these.


Shiima did have an Oreo Kookie milkshake with her meal, and it was really good, just what you’d hope for. Chuck Burgers do offer desserts, but not that night for us … we were stuffed.


Chuck Burger is very moderately priced as well, and they do offer takeaways as evidenced by the countless amounts of Uber Eats and Deliveroo orders they handled in our brief time there. The Burgers are fantastic with just the right selection of extras, the restaurant itself is cool, and the staff are very friendly – all you need for the perfect burger joint, in my opinion. I recommend for a no frills date, medium sized groups (4-6 people), and all lovers of a good burger.

Dress Code: Casual
Cuisine: Burgers
Shiima’s Star Dish: Mac & Cheese Balls
Amen’s Star Dish: Devil Bacon Burger
Price: £15-20 each (without alcohol)
Ratings: 4.8 out of 5

Chuck Burgers

Chuck Burger Bar

4 Commercial Street, London E1 6LP
0207 377 5742
Chuck Burgers doesn’t take reservations.

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