Solo Excursion – Barrafina Drury Lane

So today, after my day was done, I suddenly decided to take a quick detour to Barrafina Drury Lane, which is in Covent Garden, and oh am I so pleased with myself. So much that I’m writing this post on my iPhone while still sat at Barrafina waiting for my last dish.

If you want a more indept introduction to Barrafina, do go read our previous post on Barrafina Adelaide Street. But as a refresher, Barrafina is an excellent and innovative tapas restaurant with only bar seating, so do go alone if you can, or rather early (from 5PM), otherwise be prepared for a queue – but, be patient because Barrafina is worth it.

Barrafina Drury Lane is about a 5 minutes brisk walk from Holborn Station, and it’s a tad bigger than Adelaide Street, but beyond that, the layout is identical. Tall stools around a bar that overlooks the busy kitchen, which is occupied by vibrant chefs and waiters. The restaurant isn’t busy when I step in (about 5:20PM) but that doesn’t last at all.

What I Ordered

I try not to order stuff I’d eaten at Adelaide Street, but I couldn’t avoid the Stuffed Courgette Flower. Along with that, I ordered the Deep Water Mussels, Soft Shell Crab, Pork Belly, and the Robo de Toro.

first course

First to arrive was the mussels dish, which I watched being prepared. It was grilled in shell just until the shell popped open and then dressed with finesse. It was really tasty, about the ceiling for a mussel dish, in my limited opinion lol. Next came that Stuffed Courgette flower, which was as amazing as I remembered. The Soft Shell crab was seemingly dipped in light batter and then fried whole. It came topped with a fresh and tangy salad and a rather thick mayo-type thing lol. Again, it was delicious, but in all honesty, I’ve had better soft shell crab dishes, but not many more.

Second course

Then the two dishes that have me on a high arrived. First the Pork Belly with Mojo verde – the pork was grilled to perfection and the mojo verde was rich and so delicious. A killer dish, which was then topped by the Robo de Toro. The Robo de Toro is an incredible oxtail dish. It’s stuffed with leeks, almonds and something else (me can’t remember lol) and placed delicately on a very rich potato and ham cream. It’s the best beef dish I’ve ever had. The potato and ham cream is VERY rich and VERY delicious and the stuffed oxtail by itself is tender and just as equally delicious.

third course

Now I’m in the present, waiting for my last dish to arrive. This dish is a rather colourful dish I’d seen my waiter serve to a couple beside me. I’d asked the waiter for the name of the dish – cuttlefish croquettes – so when I asked him to recommend a dish to top off my fantastic dining experience, he quickly suggested that and I just as quickly agreed. The cuttlefish croquettes is also very rich, the croquette is filled with cuttlefish and smooth thick squid ink.


After eating both croquettes, I’d reached my limit lol. I’m on route home and and already contemplating all the push-ups I’m going to do to balance out all the rich food, but it’s so worth it. Like Adelaide Street, Barrafina Drury Lane isn’t an expensive restaurant, although there are a few expensive dishes. I recommend for foodies, dates (come with a fair bit of patience) and anyone who’s open to exploring good food (which is pretty much what a foodie is lol, so yeah, foodies!)

Cuisine: Spanish Tapas
Dress Code: Casual
Amen’s Star Dish: Robo de Toro
Price: £20+ each (without alcoholic drinks)
Rating: 5 out of 5

Barrafina Drury Lane
43 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5AJ
Barrafina doesn’t take reservations

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