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We eat out at Westfield Stratford a fair bit and one of our favourite restaurants is the Chinese Dim Sum restaurant Ping Pong. The Stratford branch is one of eight branches across London. Ping Pong serves a selection of small bite-sized dishes (“tapas” style), which are steamed, fried & griddled, or baked. They also offer rice, soups and salads, as well as seasonal special dishes. We go here for dim sum and Ping Pong is one of the best places for it. Ping Pong is also fairly priced too.

Although we love it, the service at the Stratford branch can be a bit off and slow. I can understand during busy times, but it’s the same even when it’s quiet, which is the only thing that puts me off from going. The restaurant is located on the second floor, with a lot of other restaurants and the cinema. Including seating at tables inside, there are tables outside the restaurant, and also a dim sum bar, where you can sit and watch all the magic happen.

The best part is the food! So lets talk more about it… But first, Ping Pong have a unique way of ordering food. Soon as you are seated, along with the menus you are given a pencil and the menu in the form of a small sheet of paper where you just tick off your order. Once you get the hang of it,  it’s much easier to order.

The food

Now, the food! Ping Pong offers a good selection of dim sum – vegetarian, fish/seafood, poultry and meats. My options are the veggies and chicken dim sum, which are the yummiest options! Of course. Lol.


From the fried section I usually just get the mixed vegetable spring roll, but they’ve recently added the firecracker chicken roll. I get them both. The veggie roll is always perfectly done, crispy and has a tasty filling – I never have it with the spicy mango sauce it’s served with. The chicken roll is one of the tastiest chicken rolls I’ve had, probably because it’s spicy. The spice is not too overpowering though, which makes it perfect to enjoy.

Amen does not get anything fried (again, he’s a silly health freak and thinks one fried dish will be tragic for his abs lol), BUT! He likes the chicken roll – only because it’s spicy.


From the baked section, we both get the puffs – mushroom puff for me and roast pork puff for Amen. These are absolutely delicious! And we always regret not ordering two each but we just don’t want to look greedy since we order alotttt!

steamed Dim Sum!

Now, the steamed section, which has the most dishes and is where we order most of our Dim Sums. I get the Spicy chicken dumpling, Spicy vegetable dumpling and sometimes the mushroom bun. The Spicy vegetable dumpling is my favourite dim sum, its not bland and not too spicy. The spicy chicken dumpling is my favourite of the chicken dim sum they have on the menu; the chicken and cashew nut dumpling is my least favourite. The mushroom bun is a fluffy, soft, white bun, tasty but filling so I never finish the two buns.

Now Amen, he gets a lot, he’s probably tried every seafood dumpling on the menu, but each time we visit he always gets the Black Prawn dumpling, which he says is the best dumpling on the menu, and maybe on every dim sum menu he’s tried. He also always gets the Crab & Prawn dumpling, which is his second favourite at Ping Pong and it is quite tasty (It’s seafood, so I’m taking his word for it lol). The rest of the dim sums that he eats more than often (Pork and Prawn Shu Mai, Prawn and Chive Dumpling, and Har Gau) are also quite good, but don’t really have distinctive tastes, they kinda all blend together.


I don’t really go for much else besides Dim Sum, but Amen loves the Pork Belly Bao special currently on the menu. And he doesn’t love it for the white fluffy buns, which come with roasted sliced pork belly; in fact, he doesn’t touch the buns and just devours the pork belly by itself! Lol. He also enjoys the Honey-Glazed pork belly ribs the rare times he’s had them. Ping Pong does offer desserts, but their dessert menu hasn’t enticed us as of yet, although I think Amen once had the chocolate fondant and he was indifferent about its taste.


We enjoy Ping Pong, most times in spite of the service, but the food is mostly really good, and once your order is taken the food arrives in good time. It is also very fairly priced. I’d recommend for large group dining, a chilled date, and a quick lunch.

Dress Code: Casual
Cuisine: Chinese Dim Sum
Shiima’s Star Dish: Mushroom Puff
Amen’s Star Dish: Roast Pork Puff/Black Prawn Dumpling
Price: £25+ (excluding alcohol)
Rating: 4 out of 5

Ping Pong Stratford Westfield
2nd Floor, Westfield Stratford
E20 1EJ
You could call to reserve a table, but that’s mostly unnecessary.

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  1. Sue Wells says:

    We’ve always found the service good and were extremely disappointed last Saturday to be told it had closed. We need Ping Pong back

    1. londonsdiningcouple says:

      We certainly need it back! It was our favourite restaurant in Statford Westfield.

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