Riding House Cafe

This past Sunday Amen and I went for breakfast at Riding House Café, which is an all-day brasserie near oxford circus. I heard about the restaurant from Amen, not sure where he found it, but since our first time there we have been back countless of times. Every time we’ve been, which is only for the breakfast, it’s always been busy so it’s best to make a reservation.

The restaurant itself is fairly big with a large shared table in the centre and tables along the windows. There’s also a bar where you can sit and eat. In another room in the restaurant, there are sofas and armchairs where people also eat. The décor of the restaurant is peculiar and quirky yet unique to riding house café.

What we ordered

As with every visit the friendly staff at the door checks you in, takes any bags/coats you wish to leave and gets you seated at your table with the menu. A few minutes later, our waiter arrives with water and asks if we would like any drinks – our usual order is a Hot Chocolate for me, and Green Tea for Amen.

I’m usually stuck on my order as I battle with myself over what to have – either Eggs Florentine or the veggie breakfast. This time and like many other times, I went for the Eggs Florentine – then you get to choose a single or double – I had a single, since Amen was judging me because I also wanted to pancakes! The healthy freak eater Amen had the Full & Proper Breakfast, with his substitutions of course. He is always changing his order about, which the staff, and I guess the chefs, are always happy to accommodate.

Review of the food

My single Eggs Florentine was small as I usually have a double, and if you’re hungry you need the double or get something else as well. Other than that, the yolk was runny just the way I like it, the hollandaise wasn’t too much and the bread was fresh and toasted but soft.

For Amen, the Full & Proper breakfast on the menu includes, 2 fried eggs, free range pork sausage, streaky bacon, black pudding, baked beans, field mushroom, slow roasted tomato, white toast. But with Amen’s changes he removed the black pudding, slow roasted tomato and white toast, and added another sausage. He really enjoyed it, especially the fried sunny side up eggs, which were runny. The sausages were “okay”, but he was surprised with the meatiness of the mushroom, and “bacon is bacon”, always delicious (whatever! Lol).


After all of that, came the best part – the buttermilk pancakes with berries, vanilla clotted cream, and maple syrup. * YUM * I have to say that the very first time we came here the pancakes were thinner and smaller, but the past several times it has been fluffy and slightly bigger – more to enjoy ;).

There are three warm pancakes with berries and cream on top and the maple syrup on the side – you choose how little or how much you want. These are by far my favourite pancakes ever, I’m not too crazy about the blueberries so Amen has them and leaves the strawberries to me, and the cream is light and sweet. All of this is the perfect combination for the perfect pancakes.


If you’re looking for a lovely breakfast place in London with savoury and sweet options this is your spot. Also, there’s a good range of coffee, teas, juices, and smoothies to have with your breakfast. So start the day right with a good tasty breakfast at The Riding House Café.

Dress Code: Casual
Cuisine: Modern European – All day food & brasserie.
Shiima & Amen’s Star Dish: Buttermilk pancakes
Price: £15 – £20 each (For breakfast)
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Riding House Café
020 7927 0840
Call to book or via OpenTable

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