First Impression – Drake & Morgan at King’s Cross

This past Friday we were heading for a friends Wedding in Harrogate (beautiful wedding, congrats again guys!). Our train was for 11 a.m. from Kings Cross Station so I decided we should find a breakfast spot to go to. It was between Granger and Co. or Drake & Morgan, I opted for Drake & Morgan and booked on their website for 9:30 a.m. (but you can also book on OpenTable).

We headed over to Drake & Morgan with all our luggage and sleepy-hungry faces, when we arrived at Kings Cross Station we took the wrong exit so we walked for slightly longer and Google maps took us the longer route *angry face* – not cool Google! We walked for about 7-8 minutes and finally reached the restaurant. Our first thought was that it looks fairly big from the outside, and once we enter, we are greeted by a staff member, who checks us in, puts our luggage safely away, and shows us to our table.

The restaurant is spacious and modern with an open kitchen, and the option of sitting at the kitchen bar. We opt for a window seat, and are seated by the window but facing the kitchen. Our quiet and polite waiter greets us and hands us the breakfast menu, which has all the basics for breakfast.

Review of the food

I chose the Eggs Florentine and Amen chose the Avocado on toasted rye bread with lemon, chilli, poached egg, and added two sausages. The eggs Florentine was standard, however I would have liked my eggs runnier than they came – I’m not sure if I had to request for that.

Amen thought his breakfast was small but “healthy” (loser) with the avocado being the tastiest bit of the breakfast; he also enjoyed the toasted rye bread, which is surprising as he is not a big fan of bread.

For drinks I had a hot chocolate and Amen had a Green Tea – my hot chocolate tasted of real cocoa and had little or no sugar.


Breakfast at Drake & Morgan was simple, not exactly exciting but tasty. The restaurant looks very promising though, so I think we will be back here for lunch or dinner soon.

Dress code: casual
Cuisine: British
Price: £25 & under (we spent just under £30)
Rating: 3.9 out of 5


Drake & Morgan At King’s Cross
At Kings Cross London
6 Pancras Square
London N1C 4AG
0845 468 0107

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