Street Feast | Dinerama | Part One

As will be obvious in the title, this will be the first post in a series on Street Feast, which is a mecca for foodies in London, with food trucks, food stalls, and bars, serving a diverse array of spectacular tasting and ingenious food. I imagine the have an eclectic array of drinks too, but we don’t drink. They currently have four locations across London – Dalston Yard; Hawker House in Canada Water; Model Market in Lewisham; and Dinerama in Shoreditch. Today’s post will be on Dinerama, because I’ve been there the most. Also, I live close, and it was open through this past winter.

Randomly, I became aware of Street Feast listening to the Daily Bacon – the podcast for Richard’s Bacon’s now ended BBC radio show. The definitely did a good job of selling it, and so I dragged Shiima there first chance I got. I was a tad tentative, because we’d just started dating so I wasn’t sure she’d like it. Also, she’s fairly picky with her food. But she liked it! Either that, or she saw how much I loved it, so she just faked it till until this moment when I know she loves it as much as I do.

Dinerama is perfectly placed in Shoreditch. I have no idea what was in the location prior to Dinerama, but Dinerama just seems like it always ought to be there. There are two levels in Dinerama. Ground level, which has communal seating in the middle and is surrounded by the food stalls, and upstairs, which has several bars and rather cosy seating (it sometimes gets rented out for parties).

I’ve only been upstairs once. In the winter when I invited tens of my friends and we couldn’t all get a place to seat together downstairs. Also, it was real warm upstairs. The people that work in Dinerama are really vibrant because they always seem to be having just as much fun as you and they are very chatty (well, to me they are 😊). Right down to the security, who, rather unusually, are very friendly.


Now, the food! Right now in Dinerama there are 11 traders in Dinerama:

BBQ Lab 

A stall serving award winning chicken wings and ribs. I’ve never had the ribs, but I’ve had all the flavour of wings they make. All are really good, but the stand out is definitely the chibuffalo.

Duck & Roll 

A stall focused on duck street dishes, duck burgers, and duck confit nuggets to name a couple. But Shiima loves this place for the fries. Haha! And to be fair, they are good, so are they duck nuggets.

Yum Bun

Serving incredibly soft steamed buns, filled with either with your choice of protein – pork & duck at the moment, I think – and tofu for the losers vegetarians lol.

Cheeky Italian

As the name suggests, serving a collection of Italian street dishes, but I cant remember anything else on the menu cause my heart rests with the mac and cheese and the sweet potato fries.

Baba G’s

Indian (I really hope I’m correct, I wanted to put Asian, but I decided to go for it, live dangerously! Haha!) street food. With tandoori and masala spiced dishes (I really think it’s Indian) and a fantastically spiced burger called the Bhangra burger (I googled Bhangra, it’s definitely Indian 😁).

Fundi Pizza

It’s pizza, people. C’mon! Let’s be having ya! (I’m currently watching the Euros, forgive me lol). Really good pizza. The best margherita pizza I’ve ever had.


Greatness, simple as that. Smokestak serves bbq dishes, and the beef rib is just great. Birdbox serves rotisserie chicken and tamarind spiced wings. You can’t go wrong with either.

You Doughnut

Shiima is addicted to these freshly fried little donut balls served with either white chocolate sauce or salted caramel. Frankly, I am too. They are delicious.

Breddos Tacos/Slider Bar

Breddos serves uniquely topped tacos, fantastic chicken burgers, and a fried chicken side, which a favourite of ours. Plus, they are the most creative of the traders, with a different taco special every other week. Slider bar serves burger sliders. Three options – cheese burger; jalepeno cheese burger; and bacon cheese burger. They are great, but try not to eat a whole slider in one mouthful, no matter how tempted you might be, trust me lol


Reading through those descriptions, I realise I just might come across a tad overzealous. Might be because writing this made me really hungry for them and I shan’t be going to Dinerama till after Ramadan (Shiima’s fasting). But sincerely, the food is really good and fairly priced and the atmosphere is amazing.

Personally, I’d recommend the beef rib from smokestak, chibuffalo wings from bbq lab, fried chicken side from Breddos Tacos, and You Doughnut. Shiima would recommend You Doughnut, You Doughnut, and You Doughnut, You Doughnut! Ha! Oh, and fries, from everywhere! You can dress however you like, and we usually spend about £50, but bear in mind that we don’t drink alcohol and we eat a lot!

Dress Code: Casual
Cuisine: Street Food.
Amen & Shiima’s Star Dish: You Doughnut!
Price: £25 each
Rating: 5 out of 5.


Street Feast: Dinerama
Every Wed | Thu | Fri | Sat
5PM to Late
19 Great Eastern Street
London EC2A 3EJ
Free before 7pm, £3 after
Short walk from Liverpool Street station and Shoreditch High Street Station 

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