The Breakfast Club

This past Sunday Shiima and I went for breakfast at the relatively new The Breakfast Club in Hackney Wick – actually, it’s very much in Stratford, the new gentrified Stratford … go ahead and call it “New Stratford”. I came across The Breakfast Club on Instagram, I saw a picture of the pancake and I wanted it, bad! There are several branches across London, but I’ve only been to three – Spitafields, Hoxton, and New Stratford (Keeping it strictly East London lol).

The restaurants I’ve been all have the same ethos – young happy (almost hippy) staff, vibrant atmosphere, which includes the décor and the cool music, and relaxed diners. The service is always prompt, but then breakfast food is quickly made, and they are always open to edits on their menu.

The food

The menu is somewhat universal to all the restaurants, and is broken into breakfast, weekend brunch, and lunch & dinner. I’ll focus on the breakfast, because I go to The Breakfast Club for the breakfast J. The menu has all the breakfast staples; Full English (here called Full Monty), Half English (Half Monty), Vegetarian English (Reggie the Veggie), butties, sandwiches, and the egg centric dishes (essentially eggs on toast), the Benedict varieties, the pancakes, and the porridges/granolas (which is a rather odd order at the restaurant, make it at home, buddy).

Amen’s food

I most times go for the Half Monty and sub out the grilled tomato for an extra piece of their fantastically tasting sausage and a portion of their spicy chorizo. I love this, every bit of it. You get the eggs made how you like, scrambled or poached in my case, and when poached the yolk is perfectly runny. My other staple is the avocado and poached egg, with added chorizo/bacon and sausage – and again its fantastic, special mention to the avocado, which a tad mashed.

Shiima’s Food

Shiima sometimes goes for Reggie the Veggie, but most times goes for the Eggs Florentine. The bread in the Eggs Florentine is really soft; the hollandaise in not too overpowering; and the poached egg is always, besides the one time, runny. Reggie the Veggie is what you’d expect, if you like that sort of thing ha!

Now for the ace in the menu … the pancakes! I loved it from the moment I saw a picture of it, and loved it even more after devouring it. And Shiima loves it even more than me, which says a lot. It’s a healthy portion of American style pancakes, and with a fair bit of cream, berries, mostly blueberries, and maple syrup (we always ask for more syrup). It’s damn delicious. I should say, which should already be obvious, that we only order the pancakes & berries, but there are a lot of other options, depending on if you like a bit of savoury with your pancakes.


As might be obvious, we go here a lot. Especially because I love eggs, but hate cooking it, because I hate the smell once it’s cooked – yeah, it’s weird I know. For breakfast, you really can’t go wrong with The Breakfast Club.

Dress Code: Casual
Cuisine: Breakfast
Amen & Shiima’s Star Dish: Pancakes & Berries
Price: £15 each
Rating: 4.5 out of 5


The Breakfast Club
Visit the website for all branches and the menu
No booking required (during peak times can be very busy)

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